The Cascade

An everyday hiking sneaker built for warm weather adventures


Don’t let the sleek profile fool you—the Cascade can tackle all types of terrain. Our signature Peak-to-Pavement outsole provides stability and grippiness for off-road excursions.

Made for warmer days

The Cascade was designed to keep your feet cool in high temps with breathable, quick-dry mesh.

100% vegan

Our Cascade is completely free of animal products but still durable thanks to TPU overlays. 

Very comfortable and good looking.

Shop the Cascade

The Cascade doubles as both a hiking shoe and city sneaker, so you’ll always be ready for whatever kinds of adventure await, from spur-of-the-moment day trips to long weekends spent camping with friends. It’s lightweight and built with breathable mesh, making it the perfect sneaker for summer hikes. The Cascade, which is a 100% vegan hiking shoe, is available for men and women.