Versatile footwear for the great outside.

Each day and every environment offers the potential for a grand adventure, new experience, or meaningful connection. At Forsake, we create footwear that’s prepared for both the known and unknown, so your day is never limited by the gear on your feet.

Our Peak-to-Pavement® philosophy combines all-weather protection, rugged construction, and versatile styling to deliver footwear that’s prepared for whatever adventures await outside your door.


Our Story

Our story begins in 2009 when two friends left the East Coast for new adventures in the Rockies. Jobs were secured, apartments were rented, and skiing powder became a daily pursuit.

But life in the mountains puts a real strain on footwear. We needed gear that could withstand the elements while effortlessly navigating between work and play. In 2012, we set about making them.

Our Process

Our footwear is manufactured under rigorous quality control and waterproofing standards, with raw materials hand-selected and tested for durability. We work exclusively with leather suppliers who received Gold ratings from Leather Working Group auditors, and ethical factories that support their employees and local communities.