For Goodness Sake

Many aspects of our daily lives leave a footprint on the environment. At Forsake, we want to do our part to protect natural resources while making our own footprint as small as possible.

Russas-Valparaiso Forestry Project Russas-Valparaiso Forestry Project

Starting in 2019, we will be off-setting 100% of our direct and indirect carbon emissions. This includes the CO2 created from sourcing, manufacturing, and shipping our products, along with all work travel and the energy used to keep our office open. We partner with to track and off-set our emissions by purchasing verified carbon credits that support reforestation and rural community enhancement projects around the world. This year, our donations will go towards the Envira Amazonia Project for tropical forest conservation.

We have also taken steps to reduce the amount of waste created by our products by exclusively using recyclable materials in our packaging and designing a cardboard handle into every shoe box to avoid the need for plastic bags.

Russas-Valparaiso Forestry Project's Envira Amazonia Project in Acre, Brazil protects 500,000 acres of tropical rainforest