For Goodness Sake

Many aspects of our daily lives leave a footprint on the environment. At Forsake, we value the outdoors and want to do our part to protect natural resources, so we're committed to making our own footprint as small as possible.

We've taken steps to reduce the amount of waste our products create by eliminating non-recyclable packaging from our shoeboxes. Shoes are packaged with recyclable paper and, to reduce the use of bags used during purchase, we've built a cardboard handle into every shoe box we ship.

Most of all, Forsake is committed to minimizing our impact on climate change by mitigating emissions for those activities that are necessary to running our business.

Russas-Valparaiso Forestry Project Russas-Valparaiso Forestry Project

Partnering with allows us to offset energy used to ship shoe samples, operate our office in Boston, and travel to meetings with our retail partners.

In 2018 we offset 167 metric tonnes of CO2e via avoided deforestation and rural community enhancement projects. That's equivalent to:

  • GHG emissions from over 400,000 miles driven by the average passenger vehicle
  • Carbon sequestered by over 190 acres of forest in one year
  • Carbon emissions from over 20 million smart phones charged

For all shipping to our customers, we proudly ship using UPS carbon neutral shipments.

Russas-Valparaiso Forestry Project's Envira Amazonia Project in Acre, Brazil protects 500,000 acres of tropical rainforest