Neutral by Nature

Forsake was born out of a love for exploring the great outside, from city streets to unmarked trails. We believe it’s our responsibility to understand the impact our operations have on the environment and commit to reducing that impact in meaningful and measurable ways.

Climate Neutral Certified Carbon Fund

We’re Officially Climate Neutral

As of 2020, we’ve officially reached net-zero emissions for our business.  
We did this through a three-step process:

1. Measure:

To implement a change, you need to know where you’re starting from. That’s why we spent months measuring and understanding our carbon footprint. We reviewed the impact of every element of our business, including sourcing materials, manufacturing and shipping, and employee operations.

On average, the carbon footprint of a pair of Forsakes was 29.8 kg CO2e in 2019.

How does that compare? Burning a gallon of gasoline releases 8.9kg CO2 into the atmosphere.1 For a typical car commute, carpooling for two or three days would offset your pair of sneakerboots.

Source: 1Greenhouse Gas Emissions from a Typical Passenger Vehicle | US EPA

It’s a common way to estimate the impact our actions have on the environment and climate change. To calculate it, you measure the amount of greenhouse gases generated by those actions, expressed in CO2e, or carbon dioxide equivalent, emissions.

We know, this stuff can get confusing. Carbon dioxide is the most prevalent greenhouse gas, but other gases, such as methane, also contribute to climate change. The idea is to measure the impact these other gases have by equating them to how much CO2 would have the same warming effect.


We offset our footprint by purchasing carbon credits. That’s another way of saying that we invest in programs that help reduce global emissions. For 2019, our credits supported Envira Amazonia, a rainforest conservation project in Brazil that has been recognized for its biodiversity and community benefits. It directly protects about 500,000 acres from deforestation.

Remember learning about photosynthesis in your grade school science class? Well, through that process, plants take carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and turn it into sugar, which becomes part of the plant, and oxygen, which is released into the air. Soil also absorbs large amounts of CO2.

Protecting forests is crucial in the fight against climate change, not only because trees and soil absorb CO2, but also because the process of deforestation produces greenhouse gases. In fact, it accounts for 20% of global emissions. Envira Amazonia conserves a rainforest that was previously earmarked to become a large-scale cattle ranch. It’s estimated to neutralize more than 12.5 million metric tonnes of CO2e emissions.


In a perfect world, the most durable sneaker materials would be easy to manufacture without doing any damage to the planet. We use leather throughout our product line because of its natural durability and waterproof capabilities. We also recognize that that choice has an impact on the environment. Starting this year, we’re sourcing leather exclusively from tanneries with a Gold rating from the Leather Working Group. These tanneries have gone through multiple audits of their facilities, waste management, emissions, and oversight. Over the audit process, they’ve reduced their energy use by up to 48%. 

Steps to Sustainable Sneakerboots

Durable materials

1. Durable Materials

We make sneakerboots built to keep up with your active and adventurous lifestyle—that’s why every pair is backed by a 1-year warranty. The high-quality and durable materials we use ensure they stay on your feet and out of the landfill for longer. 

Ocean freight from Asia

2. Ocean Freight from Asia

Transporting goods from factories in Asia can take a toll on the environment. We’ve always opted for ocean rather than air freight to keep both our costs and emissions down.

Plastic-free packaging

3. Plastic-Free Packaging

We’ve brought our thoughtful approach to our packaging and shipping materials, too. At the store, it’s easy to forgo a shopping bag with the built-in handle on our shoebox. And when you order from, the packaging uses 100% recycled materials and is plastic-free.